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      Insa Turbo

      Insa Turbo

      Insa Turbo have an extensive range of remoulded 4x4 tyres which are the most high regarded on the the market. Although these are remoulds, do not be fooled into thinking they are of inferior quality. They have been known to outclass and outlast many new tyres.  Designed to provide maximum performance and grip in all conditions, Insa’s range is fast becoming a popular runner.

      Insa Turbo Dakar

      The Insa Turbo Dakar delivers maximum results for your On/Off road driving as well as for the most demanding driving situations. Engineered to face all-season conditions and assures a high performance on the toughest handlings.

      Insa Turbo Sahara

      The Sahara delivers a serious traction and outstanding toughness on the most demanding racing circuits. In conclusion, the Sahara is a safe bet for the most demanding 4x4 drivers.

      Insa Turbo Special Track

      The Special Track is a ultra-high traction tyre designed for the top competition. Aggressive pattern that provides an excellent traction in all-seasons.

      Insa Turbo Traction Track

      Designed to give you confidence to tackle the toughest off road conditions on rough and slippery ground. The Traction Track is also extremely supple, offering a comfortable ride over uneven surfaces, potholes and rocky tracks.

      Insa Turbo Ranger

      The perfect combination of vitality on the most demanding terrains with the safety and adherence on the roads. Excellent control of the vehicle on/off road. Enhanced road performance.

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