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Maxxis was founded in 1967 by Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., LTD. The trading of Maxxis International began as a manufacturer of bicycle tyres in Taiwan where they began to grow steadily until they became the largest manufacturer of bicycle tyres in the world. With over 40 years’ experience and their resourceful staff, they have since managed to create new technologies to develop our differentiated tyre products. Maxxis thoroughly test their products in their own facilities and also at the world’s leading tyre test centres. Maxxis exploit the most advanced manufacturing equipment and engineering facilities available in the industry. 

Maxxis MA-751:

The MA-751 tyre provides all-terrain performance with the ability of providing a smooth and authoritative highway ride. The tyre features specialized tread pattern design with delivers traction in a diversity of applications and conditions. Its double steel-belted construction gives long lasting wear and uniformity while the jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap provides added strength and stability. The specially formulated rubber compound allows for extraordinary handling in various weather and road conditions whilst still providing a smooth and quiet ride. 


Maxxis MA-761:

The MA-761 combines the convenience of all-season performance with the rugged durability of all-terrain handling. This tyre features an aggressive tread design that provides all-terrain traction, with its grooved bottom siping providing the traction desired in all-weather conditions. Double steel-belted construction provides long-lasting wear and uniformity whilst the jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap delivers the added strength and stability desired. The Maxxis Triple Shield, a 3-ply sidewall construction, helps resist sidewall punctures whilst providing stiffer, more durable tyre.  

Maxxis AT-771:

The AT-771 was designed to provide the driver with confidence to tackle either your favourite local trail or your everyday urban work route. This tyre features a unique tread pattern and sidewall lug design that offers excellent all-terrain traction whilst also reducing pattern noise with multi-pitch noise reduction technology. The overall construction of this tyre was designed to enhance the off-road ability by utilizing a stiff yet comfortable carcass with several key reinforcements that improve stability and handling whilst still offering an advanced ride on smoother surfaces.

Maxxis MT-754:

The MT-754 Buckshot Mudder is quite possibly Maxxis’ most popular off-road tyre. This tyre boasts and extremely aggressive tread pattern as well as a rugged sidewall designed to handle even the most extreme terrain. The tyres also feature unique self-cleaning lugs that guarantee maximum traction. The extra strong, durable casing helps to resist punctures and abrasions whilst the jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap delivers added strength and stability.

Maxxis HT-760:

The HT-760 is a tyre that has been designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride on rough terrain or on the highway, as well as in winter snow or summer heat. This tyre offers strength, stability and smooth handling as the two polyester body plies absorb road shock. Featuring specially formulated rubber compound, this tyre allows for outstanding handling in various road and weather conditions. 

Maxxis MA-S2 Marauder II:

The MA-S2 Marauder II is a performance SUV tyre which features a unidirectional tread design to handle all weather conditions. This tyre offers a comfortable and smooth ride yet is strong enough for high performance and durable enough to last. The tyre features an open shoulder design that expels water under wet conditions, providing good traction in both wet and dry conditions. The MA-S2 Marauder II allows for precise cornering and handling stability and features a specially designed rim protector. 

Maxxis MA-S1 Marauder:

The MA-S1 Marauder is a tyre designed for those who want a stylish tyre yet don’t want to sacrifice on performance. This tyre features an attractive sidewall design with a unidirectional tread pattern which gives the driver superior versatility. The double steel-belted construction gives long-lasting wear and uniformity whilst the jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap adds strength and stability. The MA-S1 Marauder gives superior traction and handling control on either wet or snowy roads. 

Maxxis M8060 Trepador:

The M8060 Trepador is an extreme off-road specialist tyre. The tyre features a unique tread element arrangement that ensures a constant tread contact area for sure-footed handling. The Multi-stage staggered shoulder pattern delivers improved control even in the most challenging off-road terrain. A nylon belt-reinforced construction improves the puncture resistance and prolongs tread life.  

Maxxis M8080 Mudzilla:

The M8080 Mudzilla is a performance Off-road mud terrain tyre with heavy duty bias construction for increased strength and durability. This tyre features an extreme directional off-road tread pattern and has proven performance in the United Rockcrawling and Off-Road Challenge (UROC). 

Maxxis MA-Z1:

The MA-Z1 is an ultra-high-performance radial that features an aggressive unidirectional tread design. This tyre has been designed with solid centre rib, stiff shoulder blocks, a specially designed rim protector and high-tensile steel belts. The advanced silica compound gives improved wet traction and rolling resistance. The MA-Z1 offers excellent cornering and handling stability as well as swift response and minimum noise level even at high speeds. 


255/85/16 Maxxis MT762 8PR 8PR
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265/70/17 Maxxis MT762 118Q
ex VAT £112.50
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265/70/17 Maxxis MT764 8PR
ex VAT £103.95
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265/75/16 Maxxis MT764 6PR
ex VAT £97.95
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275/65/18 Maxxis MT762 8PR
ex VAT £117.95
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285/75/16 Maxxis MT762 8PR 8PR
ex VAT £112.95
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30/9.50/15 Maxxis M8060 104Q
ex VAT £91.50
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315/75/16 Maxxis MT762 8PR 8PR
ex VAT £121.95
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